Saturday, December 12, 2015

Time To Go Home!

 We were talking the other day about sacrifice.  I used to think a senior mission is a big sacrifice.  But now that I have have had such a wonderful experience here, I wonder, will I still get credit for sacrificing?
Goodbye Lake Superior.!
Oh Duluth!
Patti is my only piano student.
We have LONG  lessons because we have
 a lot to talk about and some
 of it is piano.!  I am going to miss Patti!

Just a couple of Vance photos because you can't
 have too many! We had good fun while I was in Brookfield
Scott & Ron put a new floor
 in the kitchen and sunroom so
 Vance doesn't get slivers in his belly..
  Vance approved!
Goodbye senior missionaries of  the Minneapolis Mission.

Goodbye food bank.
goodbye from Sister Christensen too.

Boy we had fun at the stake scripture activity.
  This game is life-size hungry hippo!

Goodbye Christmas lights at Bentlyville with
 Nolan and Amanda

Goodbye cute missionaries in my district.

We went to the mission home for a "last supper" for missionaries
 who are going home.

. And we went to the temple.

And then we had a testimony meeting.  It was awesome to be with these missionaries who have completed their mission.  Wonderful people and wonderful testimonies and a wonderful good work they have done.

So as we come to the end of our mission I have been reflecting on our experiences.
 I will list some things we learned on this mission:

1. How to study the scriptures and get more out of it.
2- People are just like people everywhere you go and that is mostly a good thing.
3- Land without mountains can be beautiful if you add enough lakes.
4- People can change their lives for the better when they find the gospel.
5- I learned how to take selfies. (Don't laugh. This is an important life skill)
6- I learned how to teach straight from the scriptures. 
7- I learned how to dress warm, and go outside anyway.
8. I learned how to talk to people about the Church.

(Some are Ron's and some are mine. Can you tell who's is who's?)


  1. We will miss having you in the midwest but take comfort in the fact you have family here. Come see Vance, Scott, and Jessica...and then let's meet up for pizza and/or quilt store shopping.

  2. Wow!! Is it that time already?? I can only imagine the feelings you must be having. I'm so glad we spent a few days there with you to get a little tiny glimpse of your life there. Thanks for sharing this blog. I'm here with Mom now and when I'm here I always see your blog posts that she tries to read. She really can't read much anymore; but she likes the fact they are there.

    I'm so happy you had this chance to serve! And to see Scott & Jessican & Vance more as well! See you in February!